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Visitor Management

Virtual receptionist

Control your lobby using a visitor management solution, a virtual receptionist
can reduce costs while allowing visitors and contractors to register quickly and
easily instead of using traditional paper-based sign-in books. Logs can be
stored and tracked for reporting.

Infectious disease screening

Monitor personnel entering your facilities through fever and mask screening.
Alerts can be set up for managers if anything concerning is detected. We offer
rapid identification of fever through various no contact devices (mounted,
handheld, full body, facial recognition), this will act as your first line of defense
in preventing infections in your business.

1. Safenon invasive and no contact

2. Rapid – less than a second detection

3. Efficient – multi target detecting available for crowds

4. Precise – measurements within ±0.3℃

CCTV and Video Surveillance

Video security through IP and Analog cameras, NVR’s/DVR’s, smart analytics, remote viewing capabilities

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