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Alarm and Intrusion Detection

Burglar alarm systems

A burglar alarm system is customized to meet the specific needs of your
premises. We will assess and determine which control equipment, detection
devices, and signaling that will be necessary to meet your requirements.
Monitored 24/7.

Personal protection Alarms

There are many safety alarm solutions including holdup alarms, duress alarms,
medical alerts, man down alarms, presence detection alarms, elevator
monitoring, etc.

Supervisory Alarms

Alarm solutions which monitor temperature, air quality, water level, etc.

Video verifications

Utilizing your CCTV system, our 24/7 monitoring station can immediately
access live and recorded video to evaluate and determine what is really
happening at the triggered location, and respond accordingly.

Specialized commercial burglary solution

A flash fog system can protect the most valuable assets of your business, and
save you in the moment a burglary occurs. Complete with high density blinding
fog and strobe lights, burglars won’t stand a chance.

● Cannot be defeated with brute force.

● Stops any number of intruders

● Extremely low maintenance cost

● Completely safe to breathe, with no residue

● Easy to relocate

Panic and medical alerts

Help protect your employees with AFC’s personal protection solutions,
including panic buttons and medical alerts.

CCTV and Video Surveillance

Video security through IP and Analog cameras, NVR’s/DVR’s, smart analytics, remote viewing capabilities

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