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access control

Access Control

Access control solutions:

An access control system enhances your security system by allowing you to maintain control over your entrances, exits, and key areas, as well as knowing and authorizing who is in your building at any given time.

Various reader technologies

The level of security of your access control system will be determined by the reader technology used, and AFC will ensure to assess your requirements and recommend the most appropriate technology to serve your needs.

● Physical access control

Set your network to detect people, vehicles, and other objects viewed via your CCTV system.

○ Key cards
○ Keypads
○ half/full turnstiles
○ Gates

● Biometric access control

Biometrics technology utilizes a person’s body measurements and physical attributes to find their uniquely identifying features. Eliminates keycard and password sharing, full proof and fraud free.

○ Facial recognition
○ Iris recognition
○ Fingerprint recognition

Wide range of capabilities

1. Track, record, and prevent access throughout your organization
2. Auditing and time & attendance management
3. Avoid expensive re-keying when an employee leaves
4. Remotely control and access multiple facilities through one efficient interface.

CCTV and Video Surveillance

Video security through IP and Analog cameras, NVR’s/DVR’s, smart analytics, remote viewing capabilities

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